Building or Renovating Your Home

Where do you start with home renovations?

Whether you’re looking to build your own home, renovate an existing building, or embark on a domestic extension, the process can seem incredibly daunting. Where do you start?

We’ve put together a comprehensive overview of the domestic building process and why the combined work of your architect, engineer, and builder is so important.

Step 1

Appoint an architect that you’re comfortable with and trust to illustrate what you wish to achieve. This is your home so it’s important that you communicate well with your architect to completely realise your domestic dreams.

Step 1A

You may need to present your plans to the Local Authorities to gain planning approval for your domestic project. From a layout (size/shape) perspective, your architect will design this scheme to meet building legislation.

Step 2

Once you are happy with your initial architectural layouts, hire an engineer. More detailed drawings will then be produced and submitted to building control. Engineers (like us!) will prepare design calculations and working drawings showing the skeleton of the structure – foundations, beams, columns, etc. Our structural engineers will ensure your contractors have all the structural information they need for a seamless project.

Step 3

Start work. Your builder will construct the scheme, working first from the engineer’s drawings, followed by the architect’s.

Step 4

Enjoy your new space!


It’s really that easy. And finding reliable and expert architects, engineers, and builders will relieve any stress you may have about your project.

If you need help finding architects and contractors suited to your project, we can recommend trusted local professionals.