First Choice Homes, Oldham

Client : First Choice Homes

How we got involved

Edge Structural Design Ltd was appointed to assist Willmott Dixon Construction on a temporary works basis to reconstruct an area of land within Oldham town centre.  The site faced Union Street in the centre of Oldham where at the time of construction, the new tram line was also being constructed.  Site hoardings are a necessity on all sites to ensure safety to the public, site workers, and security for the plant and materials on site.

What we did

The proposed building was positioned to be tight up to the footpath and therefore the site hoarding needed to be located on the existing footpath.  Underground services were present below the existing footpath so consequently the hoarding could not be founded within the ground as they usually are.  Edge Structural Design developed a hoarding kentledge system that avoided the need for traditional foundations that penetrate the ground.

Why we're proud of it

The system that Edge Structural Design designed, helped Willmott Dixon to provide robust site hoarding without the need for dangerous excavations into the ground adjacent to live services.  The system also meant that the paved footpath construction could remain undisturbed which reduced work, time and saved money when dismantling the hoarding at the end of the project.