Office Development at Bury Regenerates Challenging Site

How we got involved

Edge Structural Design provided specialist services for a new office development in Bury, Greater Manchester, which was built on a demolition site with challenging conditions.

We were appointed by building contractor Helix Construction and the architects on the project were Tim Groom Associates in Manchester.

The location is at Bank Street in Whitefield, close to the Whitefield Metrolink tram station and a Morrison’s supermarket on Manchester Road.

What we did

The site where the offices were to be constructed was challenging for a number of factors.  A previous building had been demolished but the remaining surface was uneven and elevated. Furthermore, there were a number of existing underground retainer walls that could not be moved. So, the new foundations for the new offices had to span over the existing underground structures and be laid at varying depths – going down to three metres in places.

Also, underground, a new rainwater storage system was installed to gather and then slowly release water to prevent flooding. The rainwater is captured underground in rectangular plastic crates which, combined, are strong enough to support the car park above. The crates form large voids to collect water. This attenuation system is highly efficient and achieves a 95 per cent ‘void ratio’ to maximise rainwater storage capacity.

Above ground, we used a steel frame system to form the main structure of the new office building with steel-framed walls clad with brick. Large expanses of curtain walling were used to give the building a contemporary look.

Why we're proud of it

This project illustrated our range of services to get the best from challenging sites which provide maximum return on investment for the clients and regenerates redundant, unsightly or previously commercially unattractive locations.

Work began on-site at Bank Street in February 2018 and was completed on schedule in November 2018. The client moved into the ground floor office space while the first floor was made available to let. The development met the clients’ range of needs and also enhances the area with an attractive contemporary office building.

Our specialist services provide solutions to a wide range of challenging locations and we work in partnership with land and property developers, builders and construction professionals across the UK.